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As a young teen, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and faced the reality that my ability to create future memories was jeopardized. Undergoing (and recovering from- woo!!) such a crazy experience at such a formative age left me no doubt that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and I can say with certainty that it’s my calling to capture some of the most precious memories in this life.
Six years ago, I fell in love with photography when I returned to pediatric oncology camp that was an incredibly positive experience in my own cancer journey. As an adult, I immersed myself in the pine barrens at Camp No Worries with a camera to document the experience. After spending my week capturing the joie de vivre these little ones experienced, I was hooked to the feeling of holding emotion in a frame. The gravity of this privilege struck me soon after camp ended when one of those sweet children passed away. It really drove home to me that when we lose someone we love, photos are the most precious treasure in cherishing memories.

So why weddings?? Because I've been pinning and planning weddings since the beginning days of Pinterest. Because my college roommates and I would plan our class schedules so we'd all have off on Fridays to stay under blankets all day and watch TLC's Bride Fridays. Because your wedding day holds so, so much love, and surrounds you with the people you love most, and those connections are the ones I want to capture and preserve the most.

Know that at the heart of every photo I take, my mission is to search for where the connections & stories live. I'm preserving the way your partner smiles right into your eyes, true laughter from the gut, and the intangible feeling of love that fills a room as you enter.
When I’m not snapping your memories on the dance floor, you can find me running to a yoga class, taking a walk in the woods, or stocking up on my favorite holistic health remedies. Whether it’s breathing in the salty air along Ireland’s coastline on my next impromptu trip or designing my future dream cabin in the forest on Pinterest, I’m here to soak up every minute of this beautiful life. So what do you say? Let's capture your life, exactly the way you so beautifully live it.

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