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I started my photography journey by capturing a one-week pediatric oncology camp in the pine barrens of New Jersey. My sole focus was to capture the emotion and the connection that was so special to "Camp." After that week, you could say my camera became attached to my right arm. I was hooked to the feeling of holding emotion in a frame. Months later, I understood the true weight of those photos when a camper passed away. When we lose someone we love, we have memories and we have photos. Those are the only 2 things we get to keep. 

So, at the heart of every photo I take, I'm searching for where the connections & stories live. I'm looking for the way you smile at your special person, for the way they laugh when they're close to you, and for how your love radiates when you enter a room. Let's capture your life, exactly the way you so beautifully live it.

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