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Nature-lover, adventure-seeker, world-wanderer, and holder of life stories. The big milestone moments you hit and the quiet in-between days with the people you love: those are the stories I love to tell. 

I started my photography journey by capturing a one-week pediatric oncology camp in the pine barrens of New Jersey. My sole focus was to capture the emotion and the connection that was so special to "Camp." After that week, you could say my camera became attached to my right arm. I was hooked to the feeling of holding emotion in a frame. Months later, I understood the true weight of those photos when a camper passed away. When we lose someone we love, we have memories and we have photos. Those are the only 2 things we get to keep. 

So, at the heart of every photo I take, I'm searching for where the connections & stories live. I'm looking for the way you smile at your special person, for the way they laugh when they're close to you, and for how your love radiates when you enter a room. If you feel me, let's chat.

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After you submit the contact form, we'll set up a call to talk all about the details of your day- vision, feeling, VIPs-what makes your love story, yours.

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I'll send you 3 custom collections based on our convo. You'll choose the one that feel just right, we'll sign our contract, send the retainer, and we'll be locked in!



We'll get a date for your engagement session nailed down and start planning details for our shoot! I can provide locations, styling inspo, all the things.



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Holy heck, congrats on your recent engagement!!! This is a huge and incredibly special time in your life so first of all, take a breath and remember to enjoy the process. That being said, wedding photography is a lot of things, but most of all it's about trusting someone who is going to document your wedding day as it unfolds. Just like every love story is unique, so is each wedding day, so it’s important to me to really get to know you, to understand your fears, excitements, goals, and vision. These photos will become your first family heirloom and that’s a weight and an honor I hold with great pride. At the end of your unforgettable wedding day, your deserve images that reflect you and the people you’ve gathered in the most honest and loving light.

So my goal is to be your wedding photography guide- I’ll answer any and all questions you have, help plan the best locations and lighting for your photos, visit your venue and know for sure exactly where we’ll nail those gorgeous sunset shots you’ll love looking back on for years to come. 

Spend some time clicking around this site, the blog, check out reviews, etc. If you feel like we’d be a great match for each other, fill out the contact form and let’s meet over the phone or via FaceTime to discuss your photography needs & vision for your wedding! 

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