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5 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Hey hey!

I’m so glad you’re here! As a way to introduce myself a little more, I’m sharing 5 little things you may not know about me:

    1. I’m one of five kids- yeap, F-I-V-E. My parents like to say we lived in, “controlled chaos,” especially in our younger years, but as we’ve grown up, my siblings have become my best friends. We’re four girls and a boy- Tommy (or “Tom” as he likes to go by now) is the youngest, so spoiled, and such a charmer. We have what we call, “the golden sibling standard,” that we hold each other to. We know that, day or night, regardless of timezone (cause we could all be anywhere across the world at any time), we have each other’s back and we’re only a phone call away.
    2. I was a coxswain on the rowing team in high school and college. You know, that little person who steers and yells and tells people to do stuff? That was me- for 8 years.  And I loved every minute of it- ok, maybe not the first 2 minutes after my alarm went off for 5:45am practice (that meant a 5:00am alarm people), but every other minute I honestly loved. My teammates were family and my greatest teachers in understanding psychology. I learned how to be a better friend, confidant, and motivator thanks to my girls. My roots as a coxswain also help during those big family portraits or bridal party shots where I need to direct and choreograph the photographs you’ll love forever. I’m pretty darn good at projecting my voice, and keeping everyone calm as we move throughout a shoot too. Cause at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team.
    3. I kind of fell into photography. I’ve volunteered at a pediatric oncology camp in South Jersey, Camp No Worries, for a long time and when the former photographer retired, I said I’d give the position a go. They handed me a camera and the love affair with capturing emotion, excitement, hope, and even sometimes grief, began. I’ve learned more lessons by volunteering at Camp than I could ever put into words and I’m beyond grateful for the gift they gave me of igniting my photography career.
    4. I see photography as a way to unleash radical self love. Yeap- it’s that big to me. My intention is to deliver a photograph that allows you to see yourself as beautifully and wonderfully made. Whether that’s you rocking on your own, with the person you love most, or with a whole slew of people you’re crazy about, I want to capture you as your best self so you can *hopefully* see how freakin’ amazing you are. Even if it takes a few times of coming back to the photos. Let’s use our time together to really celebrate your essence, cause holy moly, without even knowing you, I can tell you are somethin’ else.
    5. The question I ask myself every day is: “What is your legacy?” I think we can learn a lot about life by taking a good look at death. I know, I know, but stay with me. Our days are limited… and that’s okay. In recognizing my mortality, I want to squeeze every ounce out of  life. So I travel, I shoot really important moments in peoples lives, I build and foster relationships, and always have something on the books for my next place to see. I revisit places that feel like home in my bones. I sit with people, look them in the eyes, and I listen to them. Really listen. Because we’ll share a lot when we know we’re being heard. And I see it as a wild and beautiful honor to get to know about your life. So when I think about what my legacy, I’ve boiled it down to this. I want my legacy to be: “She lived with courage, could feel like an old friend after five minutes, and had a way of capturing the big moments as well as the in-between times of just living. She shared her heart and she made every day count. She made people feel at home, wherever they went. You knew you could trust her, even if you weren’t totally sure why. And without a shadow of a doubt, she loved the hell out of her life.”

So friends, I leave you with this: love the hell out of your life. You are somethin’ else and I can’t wait to capture your essence and your love story. Let’s do this thing.

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