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Kerry Walsh

November 22, 2018

Maggie and Tim met in middle school in a town just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. They dated in 8th grade before Maggie’s parents packed up the truck and moved their family to Florida. Maggie and Tim were heartbroken, but held on to the fact that they could still be friends. Maggie’s grandmother lived in Minnnesota, so […]

September 3, 2018

Nick and Callie met when they were babies. Ok not really, but in my mind, might as well have been. Callie and Nick met years ago at a local restaurant (see this “they met at work” trend we have going?!) and both started crushing on each other preeettty hard. Then, ya know, the rest is […]

Kerry Walsh

August 27, 2018

Like many of the best modern love stories, they met at work. But they spent a year strictly as friends before happening upon what they now refer to as their first date. They were at a work function, were both hungry so went to dinner together- ya know, the usual. “Our flame was lit over […]

August 10, 2018

Hey hey! I’m so glad you’re here! As a way to introduce myself a little more, I’m sharing 5 little things you may not know about me:




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