Marycate and Loren: A Modern Love Story

by Kerry Walsh

August 27, 2018

Like many of the best modern love stories, they met at work.

But they spent a year strictly as friends before happening upon what they now refer to as their first date. They were at a work function, were both hungry so went to dinner together- ya know, the usual.

“Our flame was lit over oysters,” Marycate reminisced.

“And lots of wine,” Loren added.

They shared a desk in the news room and corresponded daily. He would get mad at her, she would get frustrated with him. They knew how to push each other’s buttons. Still do. It’s hilarious to witness.

“They have great chemistry,” they remember overhearing a colleague say.

And holy moly do they have chemistry! The look in Marycate’s eyes as she looks at her man. The grin on Loren’s face as he pulls his girl in close. I pretty much melted while capturing their romance.


Thanks for letting me document your love, you two. It sure is something special to witness <3

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